Ivana Cankar Institute

of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vrhnika
Zavod Ivana Cankarja Vrhnika

ZIC - Zavod Ivana Cankarja Vrhnika
Ivana Cankar Institute of Culture, Sports and Tourism

is a rationally and efficiently organized public institution which, in close cooperation with other governing bodies in the municipality and civil society in the field of culture, sports and tourism, significantly contributes and influences the development of quantity and quality of culture, sports and tourism in the Municipality of Vrhnika.

The Tourist Information Center of Vrhnika also operates within the Institute, which is a place intended for locals and tourists. It is located in the city center (in the same building as ZIC), along the main Tržaška cesta, with the purpose of collecting and transmitting tourist information from nearby and from the whole of Slovenia.

Our mission

The Ivan Cankar Institute for Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vrhnika will implement its vision in accordance with the powers deriving from legal provisions, the founder’s guidelines and agreements with direct users (civil society). In order to realize the vision, the staff of the Institute will acquire additional knowledge in the professional fields they will manage and in the field of strategic and project management.

Through its activities, the Institute will create material, program and personnel conditions for the development of culture, sports and tourism in the Municipality of Vrhnika. In doing so, he will responsibly strive for the greatest possible professionalism and quality of services he will provide for the participants: the founder, users (individuals and organizations), business partners, employees and society as a whole.

The Institute will rationally allocate and handle the funds obtained from the municipal budget and strive for an annual increase in the share of funds from the economic (gainful) activities of the Institute. The Institute will take into account information from the environment that will have a significant impact on the institutional situation and the possibilities of its operation: political, social and socio-economic influences, competition.

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